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Since 2008, I have been passionate about fashion and creation. With a background in the field of fashion, I decided to make my passion a reality by launching myself into entrepreneurship. Thus was born my own company, dedicated to the creation of clothes and accessories for babies and children.

As the mother of an adorable daughter, I am deeply concerned about the well-being and comfort of the children. This is why I am fully committed to offering quality products that are respectful of the environment and adapted to their needs.

My passion for creation and my aesthetic sense are reflected in each of my products. Each piece that I offer is practical, comfortable and original. I consider myself lucky to collaborate with artistic and talented partners, who provide me with quality fabrics and beautiful illustrations for my creations. Thanks to them, I can continue to offer you innovative and high quality products.

Each of my products is made with love and care. I sincerely hope you and your baby enjoy them as much as I do.

Thank you for supporting my passion and allowing Tiffany Couture to grow.

With affection,

Tiffany ♡